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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who's On Your Writing Team?

I was inspired to write this post by gracepub's recent post, Freelance & Work At Home Success is a TEAM Venture. It got me to thinking about who were the people who had supported me in my writing. Here they are:

My mother and my sister have always encouraged me to write. They've read my stuff, made critical suggestions and said I was great when I really needed to hear it. Everyone needs someone who is in their corner but is not a yes-person. Those two are at the head of my writing team, along with my husband, who is so great that he deserves a whole other post. Love and support don't begin to cover it.

Another key person is my friend S. I've known her since we were both 17. She's got a wicked sense of humour and a good ear. She pulls no punches but is also very supportive.

My friend K has not read as much of my creative writing, but was one of the first to be supportive when I said I was going freelance. Then there are two friends I met when we were all pregnant with our first children. M and R write, too, and form the nucleus of our small writing group. M and I have collaborated on two BBC competition entries and R has produced her first CD of children's music.

Finally (is this where I say last, but not least), there are all my new friends at WritingUp - too many to name them all (you know who you are), but I get support and even more importantly, inspiration here.

Who's on your writing team?

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