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Monday, February 27, 2006

Write - Share - Learn

A number of posts I've been reading over the last couple of weeks have got me thinking about why I came to WritingUp and why I stay. I think the WritingUp motto has a lot to do with it, though as you can see, I would make one small change.


As a writer, I like WritingUp because it gives me a chance to practice my craft and to talk to other people in the profession (such as danahinders, gracepub, lisaloganwrites, J Harker and Ed Butts, to name only a few) On my other blog, I do a lot of creative writing, reviews, travel tales and so on. Here, I mostly stick to writing about writing (which is what I know most about), web development and promotion and resources for writers. The reason I do this brings me to the next part of the motto.


I write about these things because I enjoy sharing what I know and there are lots of people here who share their expertise as well. When people read and comment (and even when they don't) I learn a lot about what interests them and whether the way I write works for readers. Other people who are sharing include treyster, believin, synchronicity, AmberCentral, keywoman, and many more.


By the same token, I have learned a lot from people here, about networking, about markets for my writing, about the publishing business, about the internet and so much more. I like to think that this is part of the community building that is the latest part of WritingUp to come under the microscope (see posts from wcbelew, Mitch, Ashok and others.)

What about earning?

Yes, of course I hope to make some money from this, but I'm not expecting to get rich. The real value of WritingUp for me lies in the friends and acquaintances I've met, in the the sense of community and in the writing, sharing and learning that goes on.

I'm tired of seeing the same old names

Yes, you probably are. So here are the other people I've bookmarked; I've learned a lot from them, too: Atlastorm, deorre, jjarrett, Katryn, majansa, nikithal, saphirdragonfly, velvetdreams. There are more, but I've only listed the ones who've updated their blogs recently.

So now it's your turn. Which blogger or which post have you found most valuable here?

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