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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Alphabet Soup

My last entry was about using the letters of the alphabet to describe your characters and make them come to life. Keywoman and Katryn suggested a new thread for plot. So here it is ... Jump in, everybody.

If you're interested, here are the ABCs we came up with for character:

A is for Age - how old is your character?
B is for Build - is your character short or tall?
C is for Color - what is your character's skin color or ethnicity?
D is for Distinguishing Marks - any scars, marks, scratches?
E is for Eyes - color, size, shape?
F is for Face - shape?
G is for Girth - is your character stocky or thin?
H is for Hair - color, length, style?
I is for Interests - what does your character like to do?
J is for

  • Jellybeans - what's the character's favorite flavor?
  • Jumpy - is the character calm or jumpy?
  • Jocular - does your character have a sense of humor?
  • Jauntiness - does your character have style?
  • Je ne sais quoi - does your character have ... that certain indescribable something?
K is for
  • Kindness (or lack there of)
  • Kin - does your character have family? How do they relate? How have they impacted your character?
L is for Love (who is/was/will be the love of their life)
M is for Motivation
N is for Needs
O is for Opinionated. Does your character have an opinion on everything? Nothing? What issues would your character be stubborn about their beliefs in?
P can be for perfect, priceless, person with preliminary issues about pets
Q is for
  • qualities - what kind of qualities does your character have?
  • questioning - does your character want to investigate everything and find out the reasons why?
S is for Sexuality - and anything and everything pertaining to sex
R is for race or region
T is for temperament - is your character placid? Short tempered? Neurotic? Emotional? Vulcan-like?
U is for uniqueness - what unique characteristics does your character have
V is for virtue and viciousness (or lack thereof) or va va voom!
W is for wisdom, picked up through the years (or again, lack there of)
X is for Xanadu. What are the character's fantasies/wildest dreams?
Y is for Yearnings
Z is for zig zag...can your character make up his/her mind which direction they will ultimately end up going?

The players: Katryn, rosie deerfield, Keywoman1, Haven, ladyscrapper , saphirdragonfly , Ethan Mawyer , wcbelew

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