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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Alphabet Soup Results

A post I did earlier in the week on character development proved to be great fun, and sparked another one on plot development, which was just as much fun but harder to complete. Here, for your edification, are the ABCs of plot development, as suggested by a few hardy contributors.

A is for Agenda
B is for Betrayal
C is for Characters
D is for Development
of plot - do you know where the story is going?
E is for Environment: Where are you anyway?
F is for Focus: back story, direction, characters
G is for Good googy moogy: twists and turns
H is for Hurry up..the plot sure is dragging now
I is for Interest (as in love interest)
J is for January, June, July...just what time does your story take place in?
K is for Killers
L is for Links
between plots and subplots
M is for Motivation - whether it is money, murder, or madness.
N is for need. What does the plot need ? What do the characters need?
O is for Offshore bank accounts
P is for Plot twists and protagonists.
Q is for Quick: Let's not drag the plot on too long
R is for Redundancies, as in, make sure your plot and dialogue have none.
S is for Sex and you'd better have some and make it dirty
T is for Teleplay (and hope we can get a movie out of the book)
U is for Upsets - things that you just didn't think were going to happen
V is for Vivid description, make sure your audience can see, taste, and feel.
W is for Whispers, warnings, wickedness and other plot spicers
X is for Xanadu - that elusive paradise your readers should enter if you've done your job correctly.
Y is for Yesterdays and youth - events in the past that affect the story in the present.
Z is for Zenith: the climax of the story


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