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Friday, February 24, 2006

How To Put Your Site On Steroids: A Quickish Fix

For the past week I've been sharing with you everything I know about website development and promotion. If you've been following the series, then skip to the next section to see which of these strategies have worked best for me. If not, then here's a recap:

Website Optimization And Promotion

First, I looked at why it's important to do keyword research and where you can find free tools to help you do it. I then looked at how you can place keywords within metatags. Visitors to your site may not see them, but the search engines certainly will! Third, there was the importance of cross-linking, the use of a sitemap to help search engines find all your content, and the use of a robots.txt file to be in control of who is allowed to search your site. Part four considered other tools for site promotion, including directory submission and deep submission of particularly interesting links. Article marketing was the subject of part five and I highlighted a couple of ways to use this strategy to best effect. Part six gave you additional options for promotion, including networking, syndication with RSS, tagging and keeping the content fresh.

Site Promotion Quick Fix

I'll admit that all this promotion is a slow process. It's taken me nearly eight months to get my traffic to its current levels. But if you don't have a lot of time, here's my quick fix solution. These are the strategies that have proved most effective and have brought the most traffic to my site.

  • Write articles for Ezinearticles
  • Distribute the same articles through Article Marketer
  • Blog about the issues in your articles and link back to your articles or site
  • This will create inbound links and regular fresh content for your site.
  • Watch your hits and page views rise and find your site in the search engines.

Best of luck, and thanks for reading.

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