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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

A Week Of Promotion

Last week was interesting. I'm beginning to see some real results from all the work I've been doing promoting my site. Here's how the week went. On Monday, wearing my academic hat, I completed a book review for a refereed journal. I've been quite vocal in the past about not working for free, and I still believe that, but in academia, at least here in the UK, it's not uncommon to contribute to journals just to raise your profile. That may lead to research money and a better job, so you get paid by a roundabout method. Anyway, I'd promised I would do it, so I did, though I found myself resenting spending time that I could have spent on paid work. At least my conscience was clear.

On Tuesday, I submitted and was paid for a review of a charity concert organised by one of my former students, who was very, very pleased with it. He's just setting up a website for band promotion, so I expect that more work will be coming my way. His site is down at the moment, but I'll add a link once it goes live.

On Wednesday, I tweaked my website some more and had a phone call from a television producer who had found something I'd written on books and wanted to talk to me about a programme he was making. Score one for Jane Austen.

So far, so good, right? Thursday was mixed. I was very pleased to get a project invitation from Guru.com, but as I've said elsewhere in comments, it turned out to be for a site offering adult material, and I wasn't sure that was where I wanted to go. I also completed a sales letter, uploaded a product onto Clickbank, and started investigating new software for my other blog.

On Friday, I attended an online meeting and came out of it with ideas for a couple of things I could write and earn from. Even though, I was tired, I felt that I'd been in the right place at the right time and my brain was buzzing!

While all this was going on, I continued to post on both my blogs, check my site stats, check on projects I'd bid for at Guru.com (I've just about given up on Elance) and write down ideas for posts for this week.

It was a busy week, but I felt as though some of my hard work on site and self-promotion had paid off. How was your week?

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