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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Your Favourite Writing Tools

Sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet, otherwise who else will do it. I've been a member of Helium for a while (in fact, I plan to review the highs and lows one day) and I have a few articles on there. Not as many as some of my friends, but a respectable number. I've recently added two more to the list, and since they are about writing, I thought I would share them with you.

The first is about why writers need other writers. I think this is one that I may expand into a longer article one day.

The second is about setting up a writer's office. It made me think about the things I have in my office that I can't do without. Apart from my laptop and a reliable internet connection, I still find a pen and paper the most useful writing tools I own. Sometimes I need to write something down without having to open a new document or leave the one I am working on. What's your most useful writing tool.


Dana Prince said...

I hit payout once on helium and am almost there again and haven't put any effort into any articles there for about 6 months. I've been meaning to drop by there and write some more...thanks for the reminder.
I'll stop by and visit your articles and I'll stumble them too :D

WordVixen said...

Post-its! For some reason I think better on post-its, and it's easier to keep track of them than on the scraps of paper I used to use. When I'm reviewing a book, I keep a post it attached to the cover for notes on my thoughts of certain passages, or to jot down the page of a quote I want to use.

I've also begun writing one of my novel first drafts on post-its. I write so small that one post it can hold 100-150 words on it. It makes it much easier to actually write when I think "just to the end of the sheet". I don't hit a high number per day, but since I've started doing this, I write much more regularly.

Hm... last I checked, I was about halfway to pay out. Better go check again. Thanks for the reminder!