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Friday, May 4, 2007

You Want More, You Got More

In fact, even if you don't want more, you've still got it. I'm talking about freelance writing articles. Mine. On Garden and Hearth. I am thrilled to announce that my new freelance writing site is open for business, with several articles for you to look through.

I never seem to get tired of talking and writing about writing, and I'll be adding at least one article a month to the list, so make sure to check back. Over the next few days, I'll talk a bit more about some of the articles, but for now have a browse around the site and come and talk to me on the freelance writing forum that goes with it.


Dana Prince said...

Do you ever sleep, Ms. HH?
I looked and it looks like a great spot with valuable information.
I'll certainly be bookmarking it.

And don't ever get sick of talking and writing about writing because your expertise and advice has been invaluable to me!


Merry Jelinek said...

Congratulations, Sharon!!!

I'm thrilled for your accomplishment and, of course, look forward to all of the fabulous information.

BloggingWriter said...

To sleep, perchance to dream - I could accomplish so much more if I didn't sleep, Dana, but alas I need those zeds. Thanks for the kind words.

Thank you, Merry. I love writing about writing so this is a great gig for me.