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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Business Promotion On Squidoo

Jinger Jarrett wrote a post somewhere about the value of using Squidoo to create a business profile (if anyone knows where, I am happy to link to it). Jinger gives great advice, so I decided to create one for myself. It's a work in progress, but eventually it will bring together all my internet stuff. I present the Sharon Hurley Hall lens. Please have a look and give me some feedback, either there or here.

What's missing that you want to know more about?
What have I put too much of?

I'm looking forward to your comments


Dana Prince said...

I LOVE it. Well done!
I've been thinking of doing a squidoo lens for some time, just haven't gotten round to it but what a great job here showing multiple sides of your writing talents.

I was using a blog index as a writing resume but have been seriously thinking of doing something like this.

I can't think of a single criticism. What a great spot to send potential clients for a great snapshot.

You've inspired me to finally think about starting my own lens :)

BloggingWriter said...

Thanks, Dana. I wondered whether the intro was a bit too blatant, but other than that I am happy to have finally done it. I'll look forward to seeing your lens once it's done.