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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thank You Angela Hoy

I want to say a public thank you to Angela Hoy. I had a client who had owed me money for a couple of months. On the advice of a group of writer friends, I approached Angela about including his details in the Whispers and Warnings.

She agreed to do that, but she also approached him about my assertion that he had not paid. He very grumpily asked me to invoice him again - and then paid up. Too late, though, I think he will shortly be making an appearance in the next Whispers and Warnings.


Dana Prince said...

That's awesome news. I subscribe to Angela's weekly newsletter and it's a great read. It's great that she helped you and she will be getting some link love from me for it in the next few days :)

Glad it worked out and that you didn't just write it off. People like that guy need to realize that they can't exploit writers!

BloggingWriter said...

She's a nice person and very efficient. It took just a couple of days to solve a problem that had been plaguing me for months.