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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Get Paid Like A Writer?

Escape from Pianosa has pointed towards this spoof Craigslist ad, titled If all CL Job Postings were for Freelance Writers. Here's an excerpt:


We are a start-up family seeking one or more doctor(s) for ongoing projects. We need a board-certified obstetrician to provide initial services while we expand our family from two to three members over the next few months. ... The winning candidates will provide three monthly office visits of at least 30 minutes (each)... Could work into a full-time gig, eventually. ... Since we're a small family right now, so we can't pay much. We're offering $5 per 30 minute office visit, with the chance for bonuses of $3 for each additional service (such as lab work) you provide. We pay by PayPal once a month.

It's worth a read.


Jul said...

Funny! I love it.

WritingForFood said...

Too funny and so true! I just discovered your blog and realized we have a lot in common. I had a "writing type" regular job and recently left it to freelance full time. At this point I am building my portfolio, networking and seeking work. Your blog has really been a fun and useful read!

BloggingWriter said...

Good luck, writingforfood. I'll stop by and add your feed to my growing collection of writers. :)