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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Brain Freeze Taught Me A Lesson

As freelance writers, sometimes we take on too much in our desire to please - and to get paid. Sometimes it's a question of saying yes to something you have no hope of completing; at others it's a case of thinking you can do it until the reality hits.

Then there's the third case. This is when you think your research skills are even greater than they are. Today I am supposed to be writing about car restoration. This is a subject way outside my area of expertise. I looked at the sources and my brain froze. I suddenly thought that I had made a mistake in agreeing to write on this topic.

I've looked at my source material a couple more times and I think I can do it. Luckily the article is short, though the style guide is prescriptive. But I've learned a lesson. Sometimes I need to know where to draw the line - and to draw it before accepting a topic that will make my brain freeze.

1 comment:

Katherine Huether said...

I've done this before! I once accepted a "how-to" article on how to replace a switch. I have no idea how to replace a switch so I relied on my ability to research. I couldn't find anything! So, I had to get a little creative. In the end, I guess I figured it out but at that point, the assignment wasn't even worth the money.