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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Do I Blog Too Much?

When I started blogging, it all seemed very simple. I had one blog on my main website. I posted diligently every day and didn't get much readership at first. Then I came to WritingUp and everything changed. Whereas before I'd been blogging because I thought it was something I ought to do, once I joined this site I fell in love and despite the occasional glitches, I haven't fallen out of love yet. Not only was I able to write and hone my material, but I was also able to talk to people, get feedback and feel that I was useful. Is it any wonder I became addicted?

The result of my addiction was blogs on Blogcharm (which I've now abandoned), Bloggerparty (where I post sporadically) and WriteNiche (where I try to post a couple of times a week). So that's four blogs plus the site I'm developing at sharonhurleyhall.com. I think I may have stretched myself a bit too thin. I can now only post a couple of times a week on each blog; slightly more here on WritingUp. After all, I've still got other freelance writing to do and two topics to manage for InspiredAuthor. Is it just me - or is anyone else suffering from over-blogitis?

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