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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Keeping It In The Family

When I decided to go away for a few days I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my blog unattended, so I got permission from John (Admin) to have a guest blogger.

Choosing a guest blogger is a serious undertaking, especially on WritingUp where I have to reveal my password for the blogger to post. I had to think of someone I could trust implicitly, who wouldn't get involved in clickfraud and who could write about writing. I didn't have too far to look to meet all the criteria.

My sister Lisa is a copywriter and songwriter. She'll be sharing her writing and internet marketing expertise here at WritingUp and doing more general writing at my Writing Lab. This is the first time Lisa is blogging (so she might need advice on a couple of formatting things), but I've had a sneak preview of some of her posts and she's got some good stuff planned. She'll take over temporarily from next Monday or Tuesday for about 10 days. And if you like her stuff, the good news is that I'm trying to persuade her to write regularly on the Writing Lab blog. Just keeping it in the family.

Back soon!


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