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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How To Build A Portfolio That Gets You The Job

Freelancing is tough. What’s even tougher? Finding that perfect job on craigslist…and then realizing you have no samples to send.

So do yourself a favor, build a portfolio.

Here are my top 5 tips for showcasing your clips:


The First Shall Be First

Lead with your strongest work. One killer campaign is better than hundreds of mediocre efforts.


Poll The Audience

Not sure which are your best pieces? Ask. Canvas qualified industry contacts, fellow-writers, former professors…they’ll be happy to help. Every piece should be a blockbuster.



Choose clips that match the position you’re looking for. This establishes that you are serious, and have at least a basic understanding of tailoring message to audience. This’ll get you closer to the top of the client’s shortlist.


Matchy-Matchy #2

Use a portfolio format that matches your desired job as well. Applying to be an interactive copywriter? Use an online portfolio complete with web links. For a job that’s targeted to print, it’s easier to get away with printed samples (although you should have electronic copies/PDFs just in case).


Save Me!

Save like a maniac. Save every single thing that you work on. Be completely obsessive. Create a master file, and maintain it like a librarian. If you have only one original, make copies. So when you find the next dream job, look through your master file first, then start again at point number 1.

© Lisa Downer 2006

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