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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How WritingUp Helped Me Get A Writing Job

It's no secret that I love being on WritingUp (despite the frustrating downtime) - and now I've got one more reason to love it. I've said elsewhere that blogging is good for writers. One of the reasons is because it gives them a chance to show off their writing skills. The other benefit comes with having a thriving blogging community, where you can network and make contacts. But enough of the preamble. This is how WritingUp helped me find a writing job.

A couple of months ago, I was browsing the site, when I found a remark made by gracepub on someone's post. (No, I have no hope of ever finding it again.) That led me to her blog where I discovered the InspiredAuthor site, which was looking for writers at the time. The site is relaunching as a free information site for all writers, with an emphasis on providing help, tips and free online courses. Here's what InspiredAuthor says:

Anyone can become a published author. It only takes determination and a little know how. That is where inspiredauthor can help.

No memberships, no fees, and no enrollment is required. Learn to write fiction, non-fiction, articles, and short stories from hundreds of articles, free online courses, and free tutorials. Twenty-four hour access to Topic Editors, published authors and freelance writers, who can answer questions and answer both fiction and non-fiction writing questions.

I emailed in for more details and discovered that InspiredAuthor was looking for topic editors for the site - and had seen and liked the stuff that I'd written on this blog. So now I'm managing a topic for the site, on freelance writing. Canny readers will recognise some of my blog posts in the articles that are already up (another reason that blogging's good for writers), but I've also written new content, which I'll link to in my sig once it's up.

As part of the deal, I also get to manage a forum thread (on freelance writing, what else?) to answer people's questions. This bit is new to me (I've posted on forums but never run one) so any tips would be welcome.

Anyway, I'm having a great time writing as much as I can, and I've got even more reason to keep blogging here.

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