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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bloggerwave Pays You To Blog

I'm always on the lookout for new ways that you can get paid to blog and I've now found another one. It's called Bloggerwave and it works similarly to other paid to blog sites. You sign up, you get your blogs approved (lightning quick when I did it) and then you take up one of the opportunities. I signed up yesterday and have already written two posts for them.

At the moment, there are only a few opportunities but I am sure that will change. In the meantime, the system seems to work well. The site loads quickly, too, which is a plus for those of us with temperamental internet connections. So far, I like Bloggerwave, so I'm hoping for good things.



spinayarn said...

Hi Sharon, I signed up at bloggerwave a couple of days ago and I really like the quick response they give you on blogs posted for approval. I have only done one post for them, and am waiting to see how it is handled before I go whole hog with them.

Thanks for including me in your blogroll! I will reciprocate right away!

BloggingWriter said...

Yes, I liked that too, spinayarn. I have two posts outstanding with them. I hope they will turn out to be OK.

Michael Kwan said...

Other services that you can consider include PayPerPost and Blogsvertise.

I don't know if you remember me Sharon, but I was now_thats_entertainment on WritingUp. I now my own self-hosted blog at btr.michaelkwan.com

If you choose to sign up under PayPerPost, could you kindly use my referral URL?


BloggingWriter said...

Hi Michael, sorry but I've already signed up - any more opps you want to tell me about? I stopped by your blog yesterday - it's looking good. :)

Michael Kwan said...

If you check the sidebar on my blog, you'll notice a few "featured sites" near the top. They're not all freelance writing related, but they're definitely worth checking out, both in terms of making money online and in advertising your services/blog.

BloggingWriter said...

Thanks, Michael, I'll take a look :)