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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Writing for ezines - a good way to build site traffic

Let me say up front that I have nothing to gain from this recommendation. Ezinearticles doesn't even have an affiliate program yet. But when they do, I'll be one of the first to join.

This is a site that features free to reprint content for websites, ezines and email newsletters. I use it mostly as an author. Creating an account with ezinearticles is as simple as filling out the one page signup form and replying to the confirmation email. That gives you a basic membership which allows you to submit up to 10 articles (again on a one-page form).

Each article is vetted by an editor and then uploaded. You can create a brief bio of yourself and can put a writer's resource box with a link to your site.

This site is fantastic - a week after uploading my first article I was able to find my site on Google - and is a must if you want to get your name known and build traffic to your website. There are two additional levels of membership: Basic Plus (up to 25 submissions) and Platinum (unlimited submissions).

Other features on the site include a weblog and members forum (which isn't accessible from the members' site for some obscure reason). As a publisher, you can link to the articles, pick up rss feeds in various categories and make use of the content.

I have found several of my articles reprinted on other sites with a link both to ezinearticles and to my own site - a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned.

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