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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Making It As A Freelance Writer - Tip #6 - Get Paid

When an editor agrees to hire you to write an article, try to get the details of the commission in writing. If the editor won't send you a letter confirming the details of the writing assignment, then you send one confirming the agreement you've made. That way, you'll have some comeback if there's a query later.

Once you've got that freelance writing commission, be professional and deliver on time. If you let an editor down once, you won't be hired again.

Finally, if you want to get paid on time, find out who's responsible for paying you (it may be an accounting department rather than the editor) so you can send your invoice in as soon as the work is delivered.

A final word of advice, though. Some editors will try to use your inexperience as an excuse not to pay you for your writing. Remember, if your article is good enough to go in the magazine, it's good enough for an editor to pay you. Don't work for nothing unless it's absolutely unavoidable.

Good luck!

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