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Friday, July 14, 2006

Published And Proud Of It

I'm falling in love with TodayBooks.com. This might be the honeymoon period, because I've just had my second book listed with them. And it's one that's grown out of this very blog. Remember when I did a series of posts on search engine optimization and website promotion? Well, that turned into a presentation for Inspired Author. One day when I had not much else to do, I converted the presentation into a Word document and sent it to TodayBooks.

A couple of weeks later I got back an email that said that they liked the book but felt it was a bit thin. Who could blame them? After all, it WAS based on a bullet point presentation, so I knew it was light on content. But sending them the presentation gave them the chance to assess whether it was something they would publish. After I thought about it for a while, I decided to beef it up by including some of my original blog posts from here, generalised so they didn't just apply to writers. This book is the result of the combination.

The whole process has taken several weeks. TodayBooks are extremely slow at responding to email. What I like about them is that if they think changes are needed they tell me. They also promote the book on the home page. Most importantly, I get an ISBN, so I can list my book with Amazon and others.

There's one thing I thought they could have done better. The suggested a new title and asked me to write sales copy. I had no problem with that - after all, if I wasn't prepared to promote my own book, why should they? But ... they've changed the title again and they didn't change the sales copy to match. That's why the title of the book is SEO Tricks but the sales copy refers to Web Page Action. That's a bit careless, I think.

All in all, I'm happy. I've got my second ebook out and it's a general one that I can promote heavily. It will look great in my profile on IFreelance and other places. And I may make some pocket money from it, too

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