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Sunday, April 9, 2006

How To Get Published

Every now and then you find a real gem of a book - and I've found one that is invaluable for writers. It's called the Insider's Guide To Getting Your Book Published. Written by industry veteran Rachael Stock, this is a quick guide to the publishing world. In addition to her own experience, Stock has interviewed other pubishers, agents and editors to get a cross-section of industry perspectives.

It's intended for first time authors and asks and answers writers' questions on:

  • the commissioning process
  • choosing a publisher
  • making money
  • whether writers need agents
  • writing a proposal
  • contract negotiations
  • working with publishers
  • dealing with rejection

This book is clearly written and full of useful case studies. It is probably the best book on publishing I've read all year.

Read a more detailed review here or see it on Amazon.

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